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In collaboration with Armada, Coors Light & Downdays.eu

Thursday September 13th 10pm 
@ La SAT (Society for Arts and Technology)
1201, Boulevard Saint-Laurent – Montreal

ONLINE PRE-SALE: 13.50$+taxes
AT THE DOOR: 14.78$+taxes



Fundraiser for Alpine Initiatives Project Ambalona School Lunch Program  

+ DJ Johnlee : The iF3 House DJ iF3 since 2007!

The iF3 Alpine Initiative Fundraiser Party is the Official iF3 launch party, the night the ski industry gives back.

Kick off the festival by joining in on a night of fundraising, giveaways, and live music!

About Alpine Initiatives

What is Alpine Initiatives?
Co-founded by JP Auclair, Lisa Lee Benjamin, Mike Hovey, and Emmanuelle Vital, Alpine Initiatives (AI) is a unique organization with an original and effective vision. The idea behind AI is pretty simple and makes just about perfect sense. The winter sports community is comprised of individuals that are exceptionally passionate, driven and energetic. It is a community that lives, works and plays outdoors and realizes the importance of mutually beneficial human relationships and a harmonious connection with our environment. It is a community that understands the worth of a helping hand and is willing to lend one when the opportunity presents itself. Most importantly, it is a community that strives for a happier, healthier and more sustainable future for our planet and everyone that inhabits it.

Why not harness all this constructive energy and use it to realize sustainable social and
environmental change here at home and abroad? That is the question we at Alpine Initiatives
asked and is the question we are currently answering with the help of our entire community. If Mike Douglas is the “Godfather of Freeskiing” and iF3 is the “Cannes of the Ski World”, then Alpine Initiatives is the ski industry’s collective conscience.

Current Project
AI is currently in the implementation stage of the Ambalona School Lunch Program, which is devoted to the creation of permaculture school gardens designed to provide lunches for all students and to improve school attendance and nutrition for the youth in the village of Ambalona, Madagascar. The village of Ambalona generally does not receive support from governmental agencies or non-governmental organizations because it is not adjacent to a national park. The well being of such villages is very important to maintain the health of protected areas and to avoid further deforestation and encroachment into the parks.

Furthermore, most Ambalonian children do not regularly attend school; instead they often spend most of their days helping their parents in the rice fields. In order to correct this problem, Hope For Madagascar (HFM) and Ambalona community leaders identified a school lunch program as the necessary incentive to get parents to send their children to school. AI agreed to spearhead this program and commissioned the creation of a pilot project. Having seen ample success with the pilot project, a full build out of the school lunch program is now being undertaken.

The start up cost of the project is $500/month to feed 100+ students for the 2012-2013 school
year. It is scheduled to be in full production by the end of September 2012 when school starts. In order to do your part and donate to the Alpine Initiatives Charity visit http://www.alpineinitiatives.org/donate and join us at the Alpine Initiatives iF3 Launch Party fundraiser. Profits go to AI.